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  1. Thanks for the plug, but the membership of your forum is so low if I shouted out of my window I could reach a larger audience.

  2. Your back-orifice database is openly readable on your server in Vancouver : U have not protected it with password or encryption

  3. You're causing your ̶m̶e̶m̶b̶e̶r̶s̶ victims additional distress by falsely telling them their that computers have been hacked

  4. If someone had access 2 Delta's back-orifice, which has all member details, why would it be necessary 2 hack members computers?

  5. If U R on a committee at pls ask them 2 reconsider their promotion of , see

  6. If U R on a committee at ask them 2 reconsider their promotion of , see

  7. If U R on a committee at ask them 2 reconsider their promotion of , see

  8. Here's Dr Tony telling us he's got a diploma from Basil "King Con" Wainwright, (who was jailed for impersonating a doctor).

  9. Here's Dr Tony of telling us he's got a diploma from Basil "King Con" Wainwright, (jailed for impersonating a doctor).

  10. Re: . U forgot 2 mention Dr. Jimenez claims he's been educated by a Nobel prize winner,

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    hugs and kisses Bert!

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    actually Rob I know nothing about Hope 4 cancer

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    That's a picture of Tony Jimenez of , who is a "affiliate", see ...

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    I'm talking about delta as I don't know about this other institution

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    ok then libel as what u and Bert will be charged with

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    You say is "reputable", when its founder tells whoppers, e.g. that he's been educated by a Nobel-prize winner

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    Of course Dr Tony Jimenez only works with "reputable" PhD scientists, like this Nobel-prize winner...

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    I'm not sure I would thank a troll who spreads rumors on forums about reputable businesses

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    thanks again

  20. If a HIPAA covered entity in the US hosts their data on a server in Canada, & there's a data-breach are they liable for a fine?

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    Dr Tony is on the board of "Delta Institute" who make the cure-all, see ,so up 2 his neck

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    thanks for the helpful notification!

  23. If you're having trouble remembering which of the "survivor"s are actually dead, here are a few clues ,

  24. A screen-grab from your new website posted 3 days ago. How many of these "survivor"s are alive today ?

  25. Unsurprisingly you don't know the meaning of the word "moral". The word you're looking for is "morale".

  26. Dr Tony Jimenez, of , is a "Gold" rank agent for , they get 25% commission

  27. U wrote about Dr Tony , here he's selling $17K cancer-cure , (which is H20)

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    This testimonial page was published yesterday, . How many can BX prove are still alive ?

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    it's garbage fake Rob. Just like posting people dying. People are dying every minute on chemo. U aren't mentioning that

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    wrote "ANYONE can edit". That's the nature of "wiki" sites. Also ANYONE can investigate if the information there is correct.

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    What are Google the search-terms ? . Googling "cured of cancer"+"BX Protocol" returns no names ...

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  34. 1 of the testimonialists is a pastor ... , (other victims are also raving religious).

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    Ack. Sponsor: Hope4Cancer center for quackery?! Gullible is one thing, but actively defrauding cancer patients? Arghhh

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    1 of the agents is a Pastor, . Religious R unusually gullible (belief without evidence)

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    "plenty as anyone can find online". Really ?, where can I find proof that more than 1 of the cancer-testimonialists R alive ?

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    Your "scientists" have never been to university ?, auto-didactic ? , ( auto-di-quack-tic more like ) .

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    plenty as anyone can find online. Stay off your troll sites and maybe u will find them

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    I'll take that to mean "No, I don't have evidence that more than 1 YouTube cancer-testimonialist is still alive"

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    Rob did you know over 75% of BX patients first tried chemo?

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    Rob did you know over 75% of BX patients first tried chemo?

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    so funny you use Irrational Wikipedia.

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    Rob sells the very thing killing people everyday....chemo juice!

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    to bad it was the chemo

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    chemo juice does damage

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    chemo is a killer

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    chemo is known to do that Rob

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    damn chemo juice you sell Rob is a killer

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    your chemo juice killed her

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    chemo killed her

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    Berts the devil for his actions

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    pretty soon you will be caught Bert for blocking treatments to those sick

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    bwahaha...Bert and Rob have lost their marbles. Lock them up!

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    I've seen a pic of you and now understand why you are the way you are

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    fake Rob what do you do in your free time when not stalking people?

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    Rob you are a professional short man stalker

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    Bert and Fake Rob, two dumbass dudes with short mans syndromes

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    you and your sidekick Rob put out "forum" and "troll" information but it's all 💩💩

  64. feel-free to chip-in at any time with with living cancer testimonialists, [who are not actually proof BX works].

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    "that's BS Rob". Prove me wrong Billy by giving us the nameS of the YouTube cancer testimonialists who are alive

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    Would assassins bother with Twitter?. Would a doctor with the cure for all-ills bother selling books?

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    This Rob is out to murder doctors so that gives you an idea of his character

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    cuz you and Rob are fucktards. At least you have each other...

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    watch out this Rob is out to murder doctors and is part of a drug cartel

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    watch out this Rob is out to kill doctors & is part of a drug cartel

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    watch out this Rob is out to kill doctors, part of a drug cartel

  72. In 1998 you wrote about a quack who sold water as a cure-all: . This is his son

  73. . The father of your "Dr Todd" [David Mauer] also had the title doctor, see... &

  74. here's "Dr" Smith ~20 years ago when he was a wannabe pop-star with the stage-name "Dash Ventura" ...

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    Jami beware that Rob is part of a Drug cartel out to kill naturopathic doctors.. BLOCK HIM

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    that's BS Rob. Nice try. Keep pushing your chemo juice

  77. If this video is of you... can you please tell us the exact address of where the filming took place ?.

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    Re:"it works!". Only 1 of the BX-Protocol cancer testimonialists is alive : that 1 received actual medicine.

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    Brandi it works! Rob u should be ashamed of trying to block someone in need of help! Explains your character

  80. If you've never heard of "BX-Protocol" ignore this Tweet, (& sorry 2 bother U), otherwise please see...

  81. This person claims you gave them an epidural injection of , (which is distilled-water).

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    Sorry, Delta Institute's "BX Protocol" is a $17K cure-all scam, see ... . BX-potion is just water.

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    (continued) to have a circlejerk & talk about how oppressed they are & how bigoted everyone that doesn't agree with them is.

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    RationalWiki is a far-left Conservapedia rip-off where Atheists go

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    so funny you use Irrational Wikipedia. Says those that used it were banned from Wikipedia and are a bunch of Trolls

  86. This Tweet is unavailable.
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    "Encyclopædia Dramatica" is a parody-site: they explain it's not true: "expect blatant, biased lies",

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    I had to Google "historyblogcritic", & I found them on this list which includes Nazis & lunatics ...

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    I never said disciplined for selling BX. Amongst the MDs selling BX, disciplined MDs are over-represented: at least 50-fold.

  90. Well now, that was a quick block by . Wonder why she blocked me for pointing out breast thermography is snake oil?

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    it's garbage

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    for giving BX? I think not!

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    nice try Rob you liar! U must be like 💩 doing what u do. Oh wait your heartless so probably not!

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    delta sent out a message to members warning of this attack by Rob & to block him!

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    Jeanne your husband if on the BX has been warned about this con artist Rob

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    If U don't want to see someone's Twitter, U block them, like this Pastor & BX "affiliate" did ...

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    found it out the hard way....please remove me from your twitter

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    "BX Protocol" is a "snake oil" type scam : the men behind it are criminals pretending 2B doctors...

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    my husband used the bx protocol

  102. If you've never heard of ignore this Tweet, (& sorry 2 bother U), otherwise please see

  103. "we will be implementing several security upgrades". How can U improve on "military grade" encryption ?